Why Teresa & Harvest?

A Tribute to Nonna Teresa

The name Teresa was chosen in honour of Andrea’s Nonna who lives back in Sperlonga, Italy. Teresa helped to raise Andrea and instilled his passion for flavors and freshly foraged ingredients. From a very young age, he was leaning over her shoulder learning all he could in the kitchen. It was all because of Teresa that Andrea felt the urge to travel to foreign countries which is where his career took flight. 

Teresa also has a second meaning; when translated from the Greek word θερίζω (therízō) it becomes 'Harvest'. It is because of this that we have called the delicatessen ‘Harvest Deli’.
To harvest seasonally available produce ourselves is part of our philosophy. 

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Teresa + Harvest is brought to you by a couple of hospitality nerds wanting to bring a memorable experience unlike anything Hawkes Bay has seen before! 

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